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FMWORLD ayuda a Costa de Marfil a aumentar la producción de arroz
10 enero 2024

El 8 de enero, el Sr. Guo, líder del grupo de cooperación en tecnología agrícola apoyado por China, se comunicó con agricultores en el distrito de recuperación de Gegedou de la provincia de Divo, Costa de Marfil.

10 marzo 2022

WORLDGROUP Formulates long-term development plans in business operations, and aims to develop national industries, and strives to build the largest manufacturing base for machinery manufacturing in southern China.As an enterprise with good reputation, World Group is keen on charity. It has been acti

Earthquake Relief
10 marzo 2022

From Wenchuan in Sichuan to Yushu in Qinghai, from Zhouqu in Gansu to Fangshan in Beijing, from Ya'an in Sichuan to Ludian in Yunnan, and the first time to become the equipment of the national rescue force.

Donación caritativa
10 marzo 2022

In September 2008, it signed a 10 million charity fund title agreement with Danyang Charity Association. The donation was used for charity assistance, charity and medical assistance.

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